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The University of Cyprus is a public University, established in 1989. The Department of Educational Sciences is a large department with 35 faculty members. It has two undergraduate (primary and pre-school education) programs and four postgraduate programs.
The Learning in Science Group is a research group within the department of Educational Sciences. It implements an extensive research programme that covers a range of areas, including inquiry-oriented teaching and learning, conceptual models, epistemology, conceptual understanding and the development of thinking and reasoning. The Learning in Science Group uses the results of this research in the development of tasks for assessing the learning outcomes of inquiry-oriented science teaching as well as online and conventional learning environments. To achieve this, the Group maintains a network of practising teachers who collaborate in designing, implementing, evaluating and refining our teaching innovations.
The Group also has a co-ordinating role in the graduate programme Learning in Science and is extensively involved in the PGCE teacher preparation programme of the Department of Educational Sciences, for secondary education teachers in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences. The Group is involved in both the undergraduate teacher education programmes with an emphasis on Didactics of Science and the School Practicum.
The Learning in Science Group is expected to bring expertise that is directly related to the emphases of the project. Prof. C. P. Constantinou, the director of the group, has been a member of the Working Group D: Increasing Participation in Mathematics, Science and Technology (DG Education and Culture). He has also been a member of the High Level Expert Group on Increasing Human Resources for Science and Technology in Europe (DG Research). Also, the group has coordinated the FP6 (SAS6-CT-2006-042942) project Materials Science (University-school partnerships for the design and implementation of research-based ICT-enhanced modules on Material Properties).
Costas Constantinou is Professor in Science Education at the University of Cyprus. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge and has worked as a Visiting Professor at the University of Washington. He is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Science Education and the Educational Research Review and he is serving as a reviewer of Learning and Instruction and the Journal of Research in Science Teaching and other journals. His research interests focus on the learning and teaching of science as a process of inquiry and the use of educational technologies as a tool for promoting critical evidence based thinking.

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